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Istanbul Finance Summit, September 27-28, 2017
|ISTANBUL FINANCE SUMMIT | Meet the leaders of global finance...
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27-28 September 2017




The 7th İstanbul Finance Summit was organized at Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus  between 6-7 September, 2016. The main theme being  “Geopolitical Risks and Finance”, IFS’16 hosted 40 speakers  from 12 countries and 1123 participants from 27 countries.

Followed by more than 230 local and foreign press members, the summit was published in 382 public and international newspapers and journals.

Uniting the audience  by means of  29 different TV channels, a major part of 7th İstanbul Finance Summit was broadcast live. The summit was broadcasted on different  newspaper report and was viewed on 2786 different web pages.

We would like to kindly inform you that soon you can reach all relevant videos and photos of our summit from here.

Hope to meet you at IFS’17…



Articles Published Abroad by the Members of Our Board

Why Turkey is so Important For Europe?


cornelia_meyerThe country on the Bosporus is not only geopolitically important but also economically: as a tourist destination, trading partner and very important transit country for raw materials. A commentary by Cornelia Meyer.


“With its different opinions and approaches and with a growing attendance every year, each IFS summit has become an important event, scrutinizing problems and searching for solutions for world, for the region and for Turkey.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone and to Mr. Murat Yülek in particular and to those who contributed  to the organization of this event.” 

Ali Babacan

Deputy Prime Minister



“The Istanbul Finance Summit brought together some of the most influential speakers in Turkey as well as from across the globe and was highly valuable for investors like myself that came from the United States and look for global investment opportunities. It is clear that Turkey has embarked on an irreversible path of deregulation and wealth accretion which will continue for the foreseeable future. Istanbul’s strategic location can also make it a super regional financial center which can serve the rapidly growing markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Turkish companies are highly dynamic in their external expansion and further deregulation by the government and tax incentives can boost an already high growth trajectory for the economy. It was a pleasure to speak at the conference and I look forward to coming to Istanbul in future years.”

Rehan N. Chaudri

Principal, Altrinsic Global Advisors, UK

“By following the content of the agenda  and with its guests,  IFS’14 has been an important event this year, as well.

Efforts to make Istanbul the finance center, with its  panel topics such as venture fund, islamic finance in which innovative finance instruments were discussed, were all greeted positively by the participants and were very  informative.

Within this scope, i would like express my gratitude to IFS team for their successful efforts.” 

Pınar Eczacıbaşı

Managing Partner, GP-Trust Financial Management and Advisory Services Ltd.


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